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Wonderwood Mini Golf Grand Opening: Sat Feb 3rd, 2024

Wonderwood Springs and the Wonderful Realm of Wonderwood

Immersive fantasy experience meets restaurant at Wonderwood Springs.

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About Mike

About Mike
Mike Bennett is a Portland-based visual artist and the creator of Dinolandia and Wonderwood. His colorful and immersive art creations have the goal of giving people a reason to get out, to see art, to smile, and to experience something special.
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Meet The Team

  • Mike Bennett
    Public Joy Creator & Proprietor
  • Emily Newton
    Painting Assistant and Rat King
  • Sarah Murphy
    Lead painting assistant & Snack Provider
  • Sean Patrick Forsythe
    Design & Story Director
  • Allison Breed
    Jigsaw Technician and Audio Book Enthusiast
  • Nate Duke
    Jigsaw technician, Hydration Supervisor



Your jaw will hit the floor — and the painted bearskin rug — while you marvel at the level of detail in Wonderwood Springs. From the expansive treasure map table to the goldfish with buff biceps, your eyes will feast before you even get to the menu.


Bennett’s enthusiasm...for creating an immersive space that delights the viewer is evident throughout.

The Oregonian

It isn’t just sloths begging drivers to reduce their speed -- Bennett has turned his Northeast Portland lawn into a variety of different magical realms and creatively engaged with different available spaces around town

FAQ: Wonderwood

  • Is Wonderwood a real place?

    Wonderwood is a magnificent world full of brave adventurers, exciting quests, and magical wonders. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually exist, but you will get to explore it through our immersive experiences.

  • What’s Wonderwood Springs?

    Wonderwood Springs is a new immersive fantasy cafe experience that transports you from Portland and into the magical realm of Wonderwood. From morning to night, enjoy a wide variety of coffee, snacks, sandwiches, and a fine selection of local beer and wine at our magical fantasy tavern.

  • What is The Scourge of Castle Maplehold?

    The Scourge of Castle Maplehold was a delightful and humorous chapter in the immersive adventure space next to the cafe. Guests played the role of heroic adventurer in a world that came alive with vibrant environments, expressive characters, and vivid lighting.

  • How long does it take to complete the immersive experience?

    You can move through the experience at your own pace, but it will take about half an hour to work your way through the entire experience.

  • Am I going to get scared?

    Nothing in the experience is designed or intended to jump out or otherwise scare or startle you in any way.

  • What happens after Maplehold?

    You’ll have to come back in Spring of 2023 to find out…

  • Is Wonderwood for kids or adults?

    Both! We’ve designed this experience to bring joy to people of all ages.

  • Are dogs allowed in the immersive area?

    While it can be fun to go on adventures with your animal companions, we ask that you please leave all furry familiars at home. Service animals are allowed.