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Mike Bennett Presents:


Questers and magic seekers from all over the land are welcome to the world of Wonderwood. Visit our magical cafe and our massive immersive space for a delightful and humorous adventure into the troubled town of Maplehold. The magic starts on October 15th.

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Visit the Wonderful World of Wonderwood

Wonderwood Springs - A Unique Cafe Experience
Wonderwood Springs magically changes locations, staying in a town, village, or hamlet for as long as it feels it needs to. Could be two days, could be two decades. The tavern’s magic is centered in a mystical spring, which many come from around Wonderwood to drink from.
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The Scourge of Castle Maplehold
A delightful and humorous immersive adventure into the troubled town of Maplehold, within the magical world of Wonderwood. Guests embark on an exciting tour through the whimsical castle town of Maplehold, which has been overtaken by Lord Sap, a villainous tree wizard with a small army of magically-animated objects.
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