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Wonderwood Springs Cafe

Wonderwood Springs is a permanent coffee shop experience built on a magical spring that grants its drinkers special powers. It magically changes locations, staying in a town, village, or hamlet for as long as it feels it needs to. Could be two days, could be two decades. Now, it has found itself in Portland, Oregon. While coffee and themed fantasy drinks are a staple at the springs, there will be food, events, shopping, adventure, and so much more.

Wonderwood Springs Cafe

8811 N Lombard St,

Portland, OR 97203

(971) 242-8927

Open daily, 8am to 8pm

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Wonderwood Springs officially opened its doors in the St Johns neighborhood on October 15th.

The proprietor is the first person who walks in. Maybe someone who needs to find a new purpose. An adventurer who’s been feeling they’re getting too old to keep going on quests. A lonely farmer who wants to spend more time with the people in their community. A painter with a wish to spread joy throughout their city.

The objects on the wall are from all over the realm, collected from all the places it’s been. It’s quite a sight to see.

While visiting, be sure to check out the quest board. You never know what kinds of folks need help. We’ve heard rumors that Castle Maplehold could use some assistance, maybe you’re the one for the job?

Wonderwood: The Scourge of Castle Maplehold

The Scourge of Castle Maplehold (CLOSED)
Directly next-door to our magical coffee shop, Wonderwood Springs, lives a massive immersive space - recently it featured the delightful and humorous adventure, The Scourge of Castle Maplehold. Guests embarked on an exciting tour through the whimsical castle town of Maplehold, which had been overtaken by Lord Sap, a villainous tree wizard with a small army of magically-animated objects. The Scourge of Castle Maplehold is now closed - but stay tuned for what's to come in 2023. This was just level 1!

FAQ: Wonderwood

  • Is Wonderwood a real place?

    Wonderwood is a magnificent world full of brave adventurers, exciting quests, and magical wonders. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually exist, but you will get to explore it through our immersive experiences.

  • What’s Wonderwood Springs?

    Wonderwood Springs is a new immersive fantasy cafe experience that transports you from Portland and into the magical realm of Wonderwood. From morning to night, enjoy a wide variety of coffee, snacks, sandwiches, and a fine selection of local beer and wine at our magical fantasy tavern.

  • What was The Scourge of Castle Maplehold?

    The Scourge of Castle Maplehold was a delightful and humorous chapter in the immersive adventure space next to the cafe. Guests played the role of heroic adventurer in a world that came alive with vibrant environments, expressive characters, and vivid lighting.

  • How long does it take to complete the immersive experience?

    You can move through the experience at your own pace, but it will take about half an hour to work your way through the entire experience.

  • Am I going to get scared?

    Nothing in the experience is designed or intended to jump out or otherwise scare or startle you in any way.

  • What happens next?

    You’ll have to come back in Spring of 2023 to find out…

  • Is Wonderwood for kids or adults?

    Both! We’ve designed this experience to bring joy to people of all ages.

  • Are dogs allowed in the immersive area?

    While it can be fun to go on adventures with your animal companions, we ask that you please leave all furry familiars at home. Service animals are allowed.